On November 5, it was the 20-th day when about 200 thsd tonnes of Ukrainian grains became damp in 16 vessels, delayed in the ports of Ukraine before grain export quotas imposition, stated Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, according to www.agrimarket.info.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine should solve the problem immediately in the manual mode, because the vessels have the prospect to stay in the ports during the further three weeks. Because on November 18, 2010 , it is the last day of work of the Government for quotas distribution, plus at least few days for the licenses issuance, stated Sergei Stoyanov, the General Director of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.

And if the Government remembers about the prestige of Ukraine, then the authorities should release the vessels immediately, and not to realize the bureaucracy with grain export quotas distribution and licenses issuance. 200 thsd tonnes are almost dribs and drabs, compared to the remaining grain surpluses in the country, which totals about 7 mln tonnes, taking into account the actual export volumes and distributed quotas, underlined S.Stoyanov.

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