During the second half of the last week, experts of APK-Inform Agency received the information about wheat brans export ban through Kherson Commercial Sea Port (Ukraine), according to www.agrimarket.info. Market participants announced the alternate opinions, sometimes even absolutely opposite regarding the information certainty.

The range of Ukrainian export-oriented companies noted that the vessels were not loaded due to the technical failures of the loading maritime terminal. At the same time, market operators noted that it is just only the official reason, but indeed there was the call of representative of one of the state departments, who banned to the vessels to leave the port.

Meanwhile, the range of market operators announced about the certain terms delay of the products customs clearance, however representatives of the companies were intended to consider that it was due to the fact that Kherson sea port is just overloaded with grain volumes, which exports are banned.

We should note that the range of Ukrainian bran producers, who sell their products to export-oriented companies, which export the commodities through the port, announced that selling of the products continues in the usual mode, and the supply volumes do not face a decrease.

We should also note that the companies, exporting bran through the Mariupol and Berdyansk sea ports, do not announce about any difficulties with the products exports. The brokers do not tell anything about limitations for brans exports, announced one of the market participants.