President Viktor Yanukovych has signed and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine two social laws, which have great importance for improving the financial security of families with children and assistance in childbirth, said First Deputy Chief of Staff Iryna Akimova at her today’s briefing, according to the Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych .

According to her, the first bill, which contains alterations to the Law of Ukraine on state support to families with children, provides substantial increase in the assistance paid at birth of a child. It becomes 25,050 UAH for the first child (currently 12,240), 50,100 UAH for the second and 100,200 UAH for the third and subsequent children.

The second bill, which amends Article 15 of the Law of Ukraine on state social assistance to needy families, provides for the monthly children benefits to families with low income of 250 and 500 UAH for children of 3 to 13 and 13 to 18 years of age respectively.