Leonid Kozachenko, the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, marked that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine allowed export trading of grains, stocked in the ports of the country, without frames of the previously imposed grain export quotas, according to www.agrimarket.info. The press-service of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation informs that the first vessels with grain cargoes started departing from the ports on November 8, 2010.

According to L.Kozachenko, the verbal direction of Nikholay Azarov, the Prime-Minister of Ukraine, allowed the dispatch of the previously delayed vessels with grain cargoes from the ports. At the same time, the President of the Confederation marked that there were no necessity in acceptance of the official decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, because the reporting vessels were loaded with grain cargoes before the official imposition of the grain export limitations.

The President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation also added that the authorities allowed exporting of the grain volumes, which were already loaded at the vessels, thus, the volume totals nearly 200 thsd tonnes.

According to him, export trading of the grain volumes, stocked at the port elevators, will be allowed within frames of the imposed quota regime.

As a reminder, previously Segey Stoyanov, the General Director of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, affirmed the information. According to him, almost all vessels with grain cargoes left the ports.