President Yushchenko’s representative in Ukraine’s constitutional court, Volodymyr Shapoval, has announced he will resign after the court rules on the legality of the April 2 parliament dissolution decree, according to the President`s press-office. He said he no longer wanted to attend sessions of the court that “has no absolute trust in society” but added that he would be a member of Yushchenko’s team.

He said the constitutional court must be professional and democratic to preserve the rule of law and democracy in the country, and “to have the moral right to interpret the constitution.”

“The professional and moral standards of each justice of the constitutional court can guarantee this. Unfortunately, this court does not correspond to these standards,” he complained. 

He said bitterly he had seen “another constitutional court, which was a truly independent and professional body of constitutional jurisdiction.”

“I find it difficult to imagine a situation when one of the judges of the constitutional court is suspected of corruption but does not refuse to accept her nomination. A case rapporteur having little or no public trust because of the conflict of interests assumes even bigger responsibility.”