President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims he is ready suspend his decree on dissolving the Verkhovna Rada of 2 April.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this to a press conference after a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.

Victor Yushchenko stressed he remains an adherent of settling the crisis in a political and legal way, which will allow forming a political package, acceptable for both the sides.

The President noted he is ready to suspend his decree for a small period of time, enough for adopting nearly 10-12 legislative acts. In his opinion, if a compromise is reached, it may be done even in a day.

The President also informed that the side of the Prime Minister agrees with almost all the proposals, except for the main one, concerning the early election.

At the same time, the President pointed out that his position on this issue remains invariable, and the early election must take place, but earlier it is necessary to make several steps on the legislative level.

In particular, according to him, it is necessary to render impossible the repetition of the situation, which happened on 21-22 March of the current year, when the parliamentary majority was formed unconstitutionally. Victor Yushchenko explained that sometimes this is called an imperative mandate. Victor Yushchenko also mentioned the necessity of introducing amendments into the law on the Cabinet of Ministers, the necessity of adopting a law on the Verkhovna Rada regulations, as the current document gives opportunities for broad manipulations.

The President also called important the adoption of the law on the opposition, without which it is impossible to form a balance of power. He stressed the necessity of regulating the electoral process on the legislative level, in particular, by means of introducing amendments into the law on parliamentary elections and the law on the lawmakers’ status.

The package should also comprise the law, which, according to the President, may be called “On the National Unity Pact”. It is also necessary to adopt a number of measures on regulating the situation in legal institutions, as presently the Prosecutor’s General Office remains inactive, the work of the Central Electoral Commission is blocked, etc..

The President stressed he is ready to listen to both the sides in the process of resuming the CEC work.

Besides, according to Victor Yushchenko, the package should include the issue of creating a commission on working out a new edition of the Constitution, cancellation of illegitimate decisions, which were adopted after the President’s decree on dissolving the parliament, first of all, the government’s decree on suspending the financing of the election.

The package should also include the moratorium on carrying out public protest actions, the President emphasized.

Victor Yushchenko once again stressed there is still time to reach a political compromise, but it is very precious.