The Party of Regions, the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, Our Ukraine Bloc, and the Communist Party of Ukraine would enter the parliament if the election took place the next Sunday.

      These are the results of a poll, presented at a press conference in Kyiv today by director general of FOM-Ukraine Ltd. Oleksander Bukhalov.

      In particular, he said that some 29.05% of those polled would vote for the Party of Regions, some 15.5% - for BYuT, some 10.3% - for Our Ukraine, and some 3.95 – for CPU.

      In addition, O.Bukhalov listed the dynamics of changes of citizens’ political preferences. Thus, in August the Party of Regions was supported by some 37.5% of those polled, in November – by some 27.6%, in March – some 24.5%. As for BYuT: in August it was supported by some 17.3% of those polled, in November – by some 18.5%, in March – by 18.9%. Our Ukraine: in august – some 9.9%, in November – 9.2%, in March – some 8.2%. For CPU – in August – some 3.6%, in November – some 4.0%, in March – some 4.9%.

      According to O.Bukhalov, if the election took place in April, the coalition would have been formed by the Party of Regions and CPU, and would number 252 mandates. At the same time, the opposition, including Our Ukraine and BYuT, would receive 198 mandates.

      The poll was carried out on April 11-18, on the whole, 2 thousand people aged over 18 years old were polled in all the regions of Ukraine. The error margin does not exceed 2.2%.