Cabinet of Minister’s representative to the Constitutional Court Vassyl Nimchenko refuses to answer the questions, asked by five judges who had claimed about pressure upon them on the eve of consideration of the President’s decree on dissolving the parliament. “I refuse to explain. This is my right as of a process participant”, he said.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, at the same time, judge-reporter on the case Siuzanna Stanyk turned to judges and process participants with a request that they ask questions in essence of the case, and asked them to “respect the court”.

      In his turn, CC chief Ivan Dombrovskiy said: “I do not know what does this judge want. To speak, to advertise anything”. He stressed that the judges must observe the oath that they took.

      V.Nimchenko asked the court “not to shout, because I may get afraid”.

      In his turn, judge Volodymyr Ivashchenko recalled that the law does not stipulate that judges give their comments or speak out during the hearing of the case.

      Today, at 10.00 a.m. the Constitutional Court of Ukraine resumed hearing of the case on the President’s decree on dissolving the parliament, which was brought by 53 lawmakers of Ukraine. All 18 CC judges are present at the session.