President Victor Yushchenko on Thursday met with Yaroslav Davydovych, Head of the Central Election Commission. They spoke about how to hold early elections, according to the President`s press-office.

Davydovych said last week’s presidential decree to reschedule the fresh poll for June 24 “is being implemented” despite problems and “has positively affected” the electoral process. He, however, added there were quite a few challenges ahead. He said public statements by certain lawmakers to defy the dissolution decree had a negative impact on the formation of local election commissions. 

Davydovych said the Central Election Commission would spare no effort to ensure that the vote is held in a democratic and fair manner and on time.

Yushchenko reassured him he would respond firmly to the actions of those who sabotage the fulfillment of his order. He suggested asking governors and local self-governments to help the local commissions work.