“Russian officials like poking their nose in interior affairs of their neighbors. Russia interferes into interior affairs of Ukraine now”, Our Ukraine MP of the fifth convocation Natalya Prokopovych commented on the recent statement of some committee of the Russian State Duma, according to Our Ukraine’s web site.

      “The State Duma representatives think that political problems of the Russian Federation are already solved. And it gives them reasons to “democratize” the countries, where they have geopolitical and economic interests. It is high time they understood that Ukraine is an independent sovereign state”, Natalya Prokopovych is convinced.

      She reminded that the EU Commissioner for Foreign Relations Benita Ferraro-Waldner had stated that the European Union would not interfere into interior affairs of Ukraine.

      “We witnessed tough violations of people’s freedoms in Russia. It’s a pity for the State Duma deputies spending their time and energy interfering into domestic affairs of other countries instead of solving Russian problems”, Natalya Prokopovych stressed.