President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych have achieved an agreement on carrying out a snap parliamentary election.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, after the meeting with Victor Yanukovych, Victor Yushchenko said to journalists that they agreed on a number of principal issues, which will allow solving the political crisis.

“We talked today about the package, about the steps that must be taken for both the sides to adequately settle the conflict without the thesis of “the winner and the loser”, and, the most important, for national lessons”, the President said.

According to him, it is necessary to do everything to provide a stable work of the parliament and a stability of the political situation.

Victor Yushchenko informed that he discussed with the Prime Minister the technical steps to carry out the snap election, which must be undertaken by all the institutions, including the parliament, the government, the Constitutional Court, and the Central Electoral Commission. 

“The most important thing that we agreed is that we made principal decisions, a principal agreement on carrying out a snap parliamentary election. This is the first. The second mutual promise – is what must be done to carry out a democratic election. All the others are the contents of these actions, the logistics, which will be worked out since today by a working group that we create. In two days it must lay on our table all the steps that must be taken to open the parliament session, to adopt with a single decision all the issues connected with holding the election. To put an end to it, and to go to the election”, Victor Yushchenko said.

In his turn, Victor Yanukovych said to journalists that he would like to add to the President’s words that the aim of the joint decision is to hold a fair and democratic election.

“No we will make orders to a working group, and it will work out an algorithm of lawmakers’ actions in the parliament, the actions that will allow stabilizing the situation in the country. This is our aim”, Victor Yanukovych said.

At the same time, neither Victor Yushchenko, nor Victor Yanukovych answered the journalists question about the date of the snap parliamentary election.