President Victor Yushchenko has told a news conference early parliamentary elections will restore stability in Ukraine and “teach Ukrainian politicians a few important lessons,” adding that one of the causes of the country’s political crisis was “imperfect and faulty” constitutional reform, according to the President`s press-office.

He said the snap poll would also demonstrate that “political disrespect for the constitution will not be amnestied again.” Yushchenko reminded reporters that the crisis had been sparked by “certain lawmakers who betrayed the principles of their parties.”

“Today, all the lawmakers have become loyal to their voters… and one high office in Ukraine will never again have any desire to revise elections,” he said.

He said the same political parties and blocs would most probably be in Ukraine’s next parliament but “will enter the parliament building on other principles.” He expressed confidence the poll would “reinforce respect for the supreme law” and enable new lawmakers to have more political will for negotiations and compromises.

Yushchenko said today’s agreement should not be interpreted as a “victory of someone over someone,” adding that Ukraine’s society had been looking forward to it for weeks. 

“I am sure it will be accepted by lawmakers properly and supported by most of them,” he said.