By Euro-2012 Ukraine may propose an adequate answer to African vuvuzela: trypillian whistle: zozulitsa.

It is a music instrument made from clay and it is also known as ocarina.

“We would like to offer some zozulitsas of different size. The smallest one will be 5-7 cm and the biggest one will make up 22 cm. But the latter one will be solely as a souvenir”, author of idea, President of the Sports Marketing Association of Ukraine Oleksandr Kucheryavyi said this to TSN.

“A zozulitsa has a low pleasant sound and will not irritate anybody as vuvuzela. We have already addressed to the committee of the Euro-2012 and now everything is at the negotiation process”, he noted. It is unlikely a zozulitsa will be popular. “I doubt that the UEFA will allow to bring clay whistles to stadium. These whistles are rather solid and fragments of broken whistles may be rather sharp to injure a person. It is forbidden for fans to bring even plastic bottles because bottles can also do harm”, explained delegate of the Football Federation of Ukraine Stefan Reshko.

However, O. Kucheryavyi says that they have a lot of ideas concerning this topic.