Constitutional Court judge Stepan Havrysh assumes that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko can send in resignation the government, if Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovysh won’t agree to sign “political stability agreement”, according to an interview in “Izvestiya v Ukraine” newspaper.

S. Havrysh noted that V.Yushchenko and V.Yanukovych are to sign political stability agreement very soon. But, according to S. Havrysh, The Prime Minister doesn’t act logically, his course vacillates. “If Yushchenko notices that Yanukovych is not ready to sign the agreement, he will make abrupt decisions - up to government resignation”. Constitutional Court judge said.

While answering the question about early parliament election, Havrysh noted that there are three dates: “summer period” – from June 24 to July 8, and from September 9 to the Beginning of October.