While answering the question about hoping for keeping minister’s portfolio, Shufrych noted “I said that the government won’t be changed, because the government for me is V.Yanukovych. Where will Nestor Shufrych be? There, where he is needed. I accomplish all the given assignments”

He also marked that the President will lose because of early election

“I definitely know, that Yushchenko will lose. Under any circumstances Yulia Tyoshenko Block will win. If Tymoshenko loses the election, at least, it won’t change anything. She will remain in the opposition, and apparently she will increase her representation at the expense of the right wing, first of all “Our Ukraine”. We cannot deprive her of illusion to win on election. That is her right – to live in some rose-coloured dreams. Her position is clear: to dream or to stay where she is. And for Yushchenko the situation is very sensitive, because the election results on “Our Ukraine”, I think, will bring to the end his political career. I do not exclude that it can provoke his early resignation”, Shufrych declares.