Today, on May 15, at 12pm more than 20 non-parliamentarian parties will gather for forum in a Congress-hall in the President hotel in Kyiv, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

It was claimed in a party “Viche” press service. According to it, the parties call on the authority and the opposition to warrant democratic and clear early election holding, fair poll, and also to provide a possibility for “small” parties to take part in the election.

Requirements for the clear and democratic election, brought by non-parliamentarian parties:

- To hold the election in autumn 2007

- To lower pass-through barrier to 1%

- To have open electoral party lists

- Exclude from the law on the election the term “corrected protocol”

- To create the electors’ register for October 1, 2007

- To provide absentee ballots for the election committee members and observers

- To bring changes to the legislation, which will regulate all the main election process stages, poll and will not allow rigging the election.

“In the other case the early election will not solve any problem and inevitably will bring to the further confrontation in Ukraine, hostility and losses”, it is mentioned in the forum speech project.