Ongoing exhibition "Nomads: Facebook»

17:15, 04 February 2011
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On Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at the Exhibition Hall of Research Library of National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (the former premises of the Centre of Contemporary Art) the photo exhibition "Nomads: Facebook» was opened, which is a part of the artistic project "Nomads." The exhibition will be open till April 12, 2010.

As Boris FILATOV, commissioner of the art project "Nomads", commented, this project aims to familiarize the public with the phenomenon of nomadism - the movement of modern mototravellers who, neglecting the comfort of the traditional means of transportation, sitting on his own "iron horses", travel thousands of kilometers for the sake of the purity of the world sense  and understanding of their place in it.

"With the cameras they fixe for themselves and for us charming, breathtaking and ordinary moments of the environment, in which we subsequently may see something extraordinary. Their photographs tell the audience about the Road, life on the Road, introduce us to another world view that is radically different from the usual one "- mentioned Boris FILATOV.

The exhibition will show us the best photographs of the project participants for the period of 2008-2010. The photographs show the life of ordinary people living on five continents, which mototravellers have passed. Variety of human sentiment became the main theme of the current exhibition. This explains its name - "Nomads: Facebook». In addition, the project will present photos of travel on dirt roads of Ukraine.

"We wanted to tell about modern nomads – people of road, mototravellers, explain, or at least try to do so, the reasons that make these people drop everything, leave family home, peace and quiet for a period of time, sit on the bike and race toward obscurity. Life of people who prefer bike to all the other modes of transport, not only shrouded in romance and mystery, but in a lot of contradictory myths. Very often we unfairly are "hang up" with labels of brawlers and drunks. But it is not true. In this way say people that did not know us at all. I hope that this project will help people to know us better and understand who we really are, "- commented the Commissioner of the project B. FILATOV.

The opening exhibition will be attended by Russian honored travellers twin brothers Alexander and Sergei Sinelnikovy (Foundation of circumnavigation expeditions). Their track record contains such ambitious projects as the expedition "1000 miles on foot in Western Sahara" (2010), "Seven deserts of the world on a motorcycle" IZH "(2006-2008.), “Around the world on a motorcycle "Ural" ( 2002-2004.) and others.

The project "Nomads: Facebook» is the second step in a series of "Nomads" exhibitions. The first exhibition of "Nomads “On the horizon line" was held in March 2008 at the Museum of the Kiev fortress "Oblique caponier "and in May 2008 in the exhibition hall of Aerospace Center in Dnepropetrovsk. The project was a great success not only among the professional community of travelers, amateurs, etc. It was managed to attract the attention to the project of the diplomatic, political corps and progressive art establishment, as well as ordinary people who were interested in this extraordinary event.

Location: Exhibition Hall of the Scientific Library of National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (the former premises of the Centre of Contemporary Art), st.Skovorody, 2. Opening Hours 10.00 to 20.00.

Art curator - Peter BEVZA, artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, participant of international exhibitions.

For additional information, comments and photos of the participants in the project, please contact: Olga Kamenets, Project Coordinator: (067) 402 29 00, (044) 490 04 12,


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