The present is Political crisis created artificially; it can be lead to economic sphere only with unwise statements, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

“PryvatBank ” President Oleksandr Dubilet noted it on an interview to “Ekonomicheskie Izvestia”.

“Everything is going well in banking now. Let us bring a simple example: the best advertisement of bank stability is loans. It is well known, despite political crisis, the banks continue loaning. And the loans are given on the same conditions as before. I think it will continue”, O.Dubilet said.

Meanwhile, the banker admitted that Ukraine state fiscal liabilities grew against the USA Treasury Department public bonds. On the other hand, all businessmen who had a possibility to freeze some bargains and accomplish them after the crisis did this way.

“We will see what will be tomorrow but today it doesn’t seem economics reacts somehow on the political situation”, he added.