Communist Party offers to search in President’s Secretariat offices and to seizure documents on “the provocation preparation” that is President’s Secretariat law enforcement service chief Valeriy Heletei statements about the attempts on well-known politicians’ lives, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Communist Party member of the fifth convocation Petro Tsybenko claimed it at a Verkhovna Rada meeting today.

According to him, the Communist Party appeals to Attorney General Sviatoslav Piskun and to all the chiefs of competent authorities with a demand “to file a criminal case suit basing on a fact and on Heletei’s statements immediately, and to hold a thorough investigation”.

Tsybenko said that the accusations of coalition members and Interior Ministry chiefs complicity in attempts on opposition leaders’ lives – is “a rude political provocation, its roots are in the dioxin case of 2004”.

According to him, “scriptwriters and customers are high-ranking presidential officials and those who were in the President’s surrounding”.

In the Tsybenko’s judgment the latest developments indicate “these headless horsemen will go all lengths to seizure power in the country, including attempts on their Maidan comrades’ lives”.