President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims the early parliamentary election will be held by the beginning of October, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

The President noted it at the International Investment Forum in Kyiv Oblast, which takes place in Kyiv now.

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“The early election will take place and it will be a key outcome of this discussion”, V.Yushchenko said, while describing the political crisis in Ukraine. Meanwhile he noted “this election will not take place in October”.

“I feel the whole responsibility for a present moment. I, probably, one of those, who is trying with everyday negotiations, which last not only hours but tens of hours, to bring closer a fundamental decision”, V.Yushchenko emphasized.

According to the President, he realizes the experience absence of the early election holding and legal collision presence. “As a President I am ready for a time factor. But I would like the political partners also share political responsibility that this issue cannot be dragged out for months. It is impossible, it is wrong”, he accentuated, adding, “I want to tell you, you will be the witnesses of how Ukraine in this difficult situation not only here but in an international surrounding, in which we are now, will demonstrate the second Maidan. It will see Europe and the world the way it can hold the fair democratic early election wisely, reasonably, respecting political realities and without a hint on a force variant”.