Holosiiv district court registered President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko’s suit on prohibition of Constitutional Court judges to work, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Lawmaker of the fifth convocation Yuri Miroshnichenko(Party of Regions group) noted it.

“We don’t know the contents of the suit but we know that defendant is the Constitutional Court and there is an application of this suit, which provides the Constitutional Court work prohibition”, Miroshnichenko said.

According to him, a reporter of the case is Holosiiv district court Tetiana Shevchenko.

The lawmaker noted that the court could start session not earlier than two weeks.

“We expect the case will be stopped without a session as there are no legal reasons”, he emphasized.

“Holosiiv court president assured us that no illegal decision would be made. The judges realize unavoidability of punishment in case of illegal desicion”, Miroshnicenko pointed out.

The lawmaker said the President’s suit is an unprecedented next step of a Court pressure in order to block its work and not to give a possibility to make a decision on a constitutionality of the President’s decree on the early election.

“Without an answer to this question the Parliament cannot make a decision on the early election”, Miroshnichenko emphasized.