Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych expects Ukrainian political forces will follow Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly resolution, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

Yanukovych said it during a meeting with Rene van der Linden today.

“I am convinced political forces representatives will follow PACE resolution. And it will be useful”, the Prime Minister noted.

Yanukovych also thanked R. van der Linden for arrangement of conditions for Ukrainian Governmental delegation during the last PACE session in Strasbourg.

“First, the conditions were arranged so that we could be heard. Secondly, we had a possibility to hear Europe countries position. It is very important that the situation in Ukraine was considered and the resolution was accepted”, the Prime Minister emphasized.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on May 19 PACE approved a resolution for Ukraine “Democratic Institutions Functioning in Ukraine”.

PACE expressed concern about political events, which have been taking place in Ukraine for the last months and reached a high after April 2, 2007, when President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko announce Verkhovna Rada dismissal.

The resolution points out the early election is a normal democratic practice for all countries – Council of Europe members during political crisis settlement, and also there is a call to search compromise by all political forces.