UNIAN web site has already received about 7 thousands questions to President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych from Internet users.

Editor-in-chief of UNIAN Oleksandr Kharchenko said this at the news conference.

He reminded that V. Yanukovych will take part in “Talk with the country” television project on February 25. During three hours citizens will put questions to the President of Ukraine through Internet, by telephone and live broadcast from regions.

O. Kharchenko said that UNIAN has already received more than 7 thousand questions; taking into consideration that the action has been lasting 10 days, at an average one question is received every minute. Editorial staff of the web site defined more than 20 categories of questions.

According to the words of the editor-in-chief, looking at a geographic criterion, some 11% of questions have been received from Kyiv, some 9% of questions have been received from the Donetsk Oblast and some 9% of questions have been received from the Kyiv Oblast. Then geography is more or less even and number of questions depends on number of inhabitants in every Oblast and number of Internet users in this Oblast.

Speaking about topics of questions it is possible to say that some 6% of questions belong to politics area, 9% of questions belong to economics area, some 1.5% of questions belong to international affairs area and other reforms.

He explained that then all questions will be passed to the Administration of the President and people will receive answers not only to questions which will sound on the air but to all put questions.

Characterizing the questions, O. Kharchenko noted that the most urgent question was “How to survive?” with different variants of continuation “having pension at UAH 800”, “having salary at UAH 1000” ect. Head of UNIAN noted that the key words there are not “how to live”, but “how to survive”. “To our mind it shows in what point is our society”, he said.