Lawmaker of the fifth convocation Mykola Onyshchuk (Our Ukraine group) claims work group performed its task on the early election preparation and practically postpones its activity, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

That is what M.Onyshchuk said at a press conference in UNIAN.

“As of today, we have to state that, actually, the thing is about the repetition of declared positions, their explanation, and we state that we do not see any efficiency in a further discussion of the work group issues. Thereby the work group practically postpones its activity and it is waiting for a relevant assignments from the President and the Prime Minister, if they are formulated, after reaching a definite political compromise”, he said.

According to Onyshchuk, during the work group meetings, compromises on some issues were reached. At the same time he pointed out that a definite position is not reached on some issues, which were outside of work group’s competence.

He also noted, if work group receives new assignments, connected with searching the ways to regulate the political crisis, the work group, probably, will be able to cope with it.