Tymoshenko: I admit my mistakes, but my goal has no double standards

10:45, 21 March 2011
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Leader of the Batkivshchyna...

Leader of the Batkivshchyna party Yulia Tymoshenko says that she does not place responsibility upon others for her staffing mistakes and is not ashamed to accept them, according to Official website of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"I admit my mistakes and I am responsible for the quality of the people, for their ability to hold the position, for the people who come into the faction. Certainly, no one expected that there would be such pressure on people, that the Constitution would be abolished. Nobody expected that there would be repressions through security forces, but despite this, I am responsible for every person. Every person is a pain in my heart, is a loss. Therefore, I am responsible, and I’m not shirking this," Yulia Tymoshenko said today during an Inter TV show.

Yulia Tymoshenko believes that every person, regardless of his status in politics or in life, must not only acknowledge his wrong actions, but also have the courage to apologize for them. "When there was a crisis, I knew what that was going on around me, I did not shirk off my responsibility, and I`m not ashamed. I can always say that I apologize for every mistake I made because I am a human being, and every person can make mistakes. If I am making somewhere a wrong step, I make conclusions, I admit my mistakes, but I move on. I do not have double standards in my goal. I do not have double standards in servicing Ukraine. But we are definitely facing staffing mistakes today, and it hurts," she said.

"I think that all of us like normal people are confronted with betrayals. Remember how the KGB or the CIA recruited officers, tested them for decades, trained them in special conditions, and then they still became double agents. Nobody is immune from staffing mistakes," she added.

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