Viktor Yanukovych believes that pre-term elections are to be fair, transparent and democratic. The Prime Minister of Ukraine stated commenting the results of negotiations in the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine, according to the government’s rpess-office.

“The key principle we were guided by during the political crisis was aspiration for achieving conditions proper for holding elections on legal basis in our country. Today, we have finally arrived at this solution,” the Head of Government noted.

In the PM’s opinion, the decision made according to the results of negotiations will give an opportunity for Ukraine to become stronger after overcoming the crisis, the politicians will draw conclusions and gained experience will prevent mistakes which had resulted in the political crisis.

According to the agreements achieved during negotiations, the snap elections, scheduled for 30 September 2007, should be fair, transparent and democratic. The respective package of bills which are to be adopted the next week, have been already prepared.

The Prime Minister added that agreements had been achieved concerning endorsement of a series of bills aimed to develop economy and improve the citizens’ standard of living.

According to the Prime Minister, the negotiating sides emphasized non-admission of civil confrontation. “During the last days we made sure that it is necessary to stop immediately actions resulting in it,” Viktro Yanukovych stressed.

At that the Head of Government underscored that a separate item of the political statement says that all the participants of negotiations will work only within their authorities and will not interfere in the activity of judicial branch and law-enforcement bodies that will enable to adjust their functioning.