Acting Prosecutor General of Ukraine Victor Shemchuk is not going to appear at the Prosecutor’s General cabinet until courts dot all the i`s in the situation with the PGO and its leadership.

According to an UNIAN correspondent. V.Shemchuk said this today in Kyiv, answering questions of journalists.

“I do not want to enter the PGO as if I stole something”, V.Shemchuk said, adding that until courts bring their verdicts, he is not going to appear at the Prosecutor’s General office at Riznytska street.

At the same time, he noted it is not necessary to work directly in the cabinet. “I continue working and executing my duties”, he said.

He ordered deputy Prisecutor General Oleksander Medvedko to investigate into the legality of bringing a criminal case, in which TV 5 Kanal journalists are involved, in particular, “Zakryta Zona” TV-program editor Volodymyr Ariyev.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on 24 May President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko dismissed S.Piskun from the post of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. With another decree, the President appointed Crimean prosecutor Victor Shemchuk for the job.