Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych emphasizes that Government has implemented all agreements stipulated in the statement of state’s leaders, according to the government’s web site. “The Government endorsed all decisions necessary for adjusting the political crisis in Ukraine and submitted them for the Verkhovna Rada’s consideration”. The Head of Government sated during his meeting with the European Parliament delegation headed by Co-Chairman of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee Adrian Severin.

At that Viktor Yanukovych noted that two days insufficient for passing bills necessary for adjusting the political crisis. “Today the problem is to extend activity term of the Parliament,” the Prime Minister stressed.

Viktor Yanukovych noted that Government expects the President fulfills agreements concerning the joint statement, approved between the President, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada.

In his turn, Adrian Severin hailed the compromise achieved between the politicians in Ukraine. In particular, choosing the constitutional way of regulating the political crisis.

“It is outside our competence to decide whether snap elections in Ukraine are expedient. Our prime interest is legitimacy of approved decisions,” Adrian Severin stressed.

Viktor Yanukovych has also discussed with European Parliament deputies the negotiating process on concluding new Enlarged Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.