President Victor Yushchenko on Saturday met with members of his party, Our Ukraine, and the bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, both representing the country’s opposition, according to the President`s press-office.

Yushchenko said he appreciated their “highly moral” decision to give up seats in parliament. “I value the position you have demonstrated, especially in the past four months, when Ukraine’s democracy was at stake. I would like to thank each of you for this position. You have shown how responsible politicians can act,” he said, describing their step as “a big contribution to the development of Ukrainian democracy.”

The president expressed confidence Our Ukraine and BYuT would be able to change “the principles upon which Ukraine’s political agenda is based, as well as stability and checks and balances.” Yushchenko said these two factions “are strong because their concept is built upon exceptionally democratic theses.” “In my opinion, only these two parties are maturing a unique idea of creating a European Ukraine. I think their patriotism is unique for Ukraine’s parliament,” he said, expressing hopes the Ukrainian people would follow their values.

The head of state said betrayals were normal in Ukrainian politics. “Betrayal has been regarded as a special trait of each deputy. You, however, have written with your own hands that there must be no betrayal in Ukrainian parliament. I am convinced these are the lessons not only for our political elite and deputies but also for the nation.”

Yushchenko said Ukraine’s political crisis “was not easy and superficial.”  “It has demonstrated that our key state institutions are seriously rotten,” he said, adding that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine as well as other courts “proved ineffective [during the crisis].” “The prosecutor general’s office has failed to work effectively, too, because political orders were dominant in that institution. I hope they were [dominant].”

The president said Ukraine “has found a solution to the crisis without mediators” and added that “it was impossible two years ago.” “In this, I see great national progress. This is a science. We have mastered it worthily.”