The Central Electoral Committee of Ukraine prolonged the period of registration as a lawmaker for Kyiv Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy till September 1.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, CEC made this decision at its today’s session, having considered reasonable the excuse of L.Chernovetskiy. In particular, he asked to prolong the period of his registration due to suits, brought for declaring illegal the Kyiv Mayor election of 26 March 2006.

L.Chernovetskiy won the Kyiv Mayor election in 2006, and also he was elected to the Ukrainian parliament on the list of “Our Ukraine” block (#29 in the list).

According to the law, he must refuse from one of the mandates. However, L.hernovetskiy turned to CEC with a demand to postpone the consideration of the issue of his registration as a lawmaker till 1 September.