Some 27.6 % of voters are ready to support Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych on the presidential election of Ukraine.

According to UNIAN correspondent, the results of sociological poll, carried out by the “Public Opinion Fund – Ukraine” and presented today on the press conference testify this information.

At the same time, some 15.4% of those polled will support on the presidential election the present President Victor Yushchenko, some 13% of those polled are ready to vote for the leader of BYUT Yulia Tymoshenko.

Some 6.2% of those polled would vote against all, some 6.2% would not go at election at all, some 15.2% could not answer on question.

The poll was carried out during the 7th –17th of June. There were 2000 of respondents. The error margin makes up 2.2%.