21 October 2017
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Serhiy Vlasenko: Judge is in hurry to make a gift to President

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Lawyer of the leader of the Batkivchshyna party Serhiy Vlasenko said that the adjournment of the proceedings on Yulia Tymoshenko’s case until July 4th demonstrates the desire of the judge to speedily terminate the trial, according to the Official website of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"The judge is rushing very very much, because, perhaps, he has to make a birthday present for the President," said Serhiy Vlasenko after the hearing.

Yulia Tymoshenko’s lawyer said that scheduling of the hearing of the merits of the case for Monday, July 4th, is a direct violation of the law.

"As per the law the judge had no legal right to assign the case hearing for Monday, because as per law the judge had to give three days - Thursday, Friday and Saturday - and according to law, if the last day falls on a weekend, then the last day is considered the first working day. That is the last day of a three-day period by law is Monday, and already for Monday the judge has scheduled the case," he explained.

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