Leader of “Our Ukraine” Vyachyslav Kyrylenko assures, that “Our Ukraine” will not use the administrative resource on early parliamentary election.

According to the press-service of  “Our Ukraine” he said this information in interview to the edition “Stolichnye novosti”.

“During the early parliamentary election society can give the estimation to all political powers. At the same time, for the sake election to be democratic and pure foreign observers will be presented on election.

Our political power is against of using of all kinds of administrative resource, because it distorts the will of people and the results of election. I promise, that “Our Ukraine” will not use the administrative resource”, underlined V.Kyrylenko.

According to his words, “Our Ukraine” will not use the dirty technologies in relation to their political partners. “We have already concluded an agreement with our partners, pursuant to which we will follow the peace and mutual understanding.