Ukrainian is about to live in cage with lions 35 days

15:00, 12 July 2011
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Inhabitant of Vasilijevka town...

Inhabitant of Vasilijevka town (the Zaporizhzhya Oblast) will live in a cage with predatory animals 35 days.

According to “Segodnya” newspaper №149 (3866)), artist and blacksmith Oleksandr Pylyshenko, 40-year-old,  has his mini-zoo with lions, lynx and bear. He will live in the open-air cage of 36 square metres with lioness Katya and lion Samson side by side. The author of the idea hopes that in this way he will earn money for building of the zoo and food for animals. It is will possible to follow the life with lions online at the web site of the zoo (, there will also be a charity account.

“On August 2, I will settle with lioness Katya. And Samson will visit us. I will sleep on a wooden flooring and hay. A place for shower and toile will be equipped in the cage. I will be drawing all the time – because I am an artist”, Oleksandr Pylyshenko noted.

For the sake of the experiment the man will have to refuse to use shampoos with strong smell; he will have also to refuse to drink beer and smoke cigarettes. “Animals do not like poignant smells and the lioness is near her time. In the middle of August Katya will bear lion cubs. I will assist in birth of lion cubs”, said Oleksandr Pylyshenko.

According to his words, lions are very good-natured and affectionate. O. Pylyshenko is confident of his pets because he knows them from the first days of their lives. “Every day starts with necking with Katya. She rubs herself and licks my face”.

According to the newspaper, the senseless act has already aroused interest abroad. In particular, Discovery channel plans to shoot a program about the life of O. Pylyshenko with lions.

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