Modernizing Ukraine’s gas transport system and making it more transparent and efficient would be “in everybody’s interest,” the Ambassador of Austria to Ukraine Wolf Dietrich Heim said in an exclusive interview to Evolution Media, according to KyivWeekly.

“Austria is a major stakeholder in natural gas issues, considering that we are one of the central gas hubs of Europe and have a strong technology base as regards liquefaction of natural gas. Since natural gas is considered one of the cleaner forms of fossil fuels we consider this sector as crucial,” he said.

On other aspects of cooperation, Mr Heim said Ukraine has a colossal potential in the field of agriculture. “Many Austrian enterprises have invested here already. If I only take the field of renewable energy as an example, then it is clear to us, that the sheer endless fields of Ukraine could supply large parts of the continent.”

While agricultural sector in Ukraine is currently “more or less dormant due to the moratorium of land sales,” Austria is prepared to seriously invest here “once the conditions are right, when ownership is possible in a transparent way and titles of ownership are sufficiently protected,” the diplomat assured.