European politicians are rather skeptic about creating a higher chamber in the Ukrainian parliament. The representative of Ukraine delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, leader of Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Committee Vitaliy Shybko said this at press conference.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, answering the question about possibility of an all-Ukraine referendum concerning the amendments to the Constitution and introducing a higher chamber in the Parliament, V. Shybko said that, in accordance with the present edition of the Constitution, this referendum is possible only in case of changing the administrative – territorial organization.

According to V. Shybko, the prerogative of introducing other amendments into the Constitution belongs to the Parliament.

He also admitted that many politicians in Europe are rather skeptic about a higher chamber in the Ukrainian Parliament, they want to know who elects it, what functions it will have.

Besides, according to V. Shybko, if there is the leaders institute of local state administrations, it is not reasonable to form a higher chamber. According to his opinion, if it is created, regional leaders will have to be elected, but not appointed.

He also admitted that Ukraine is a unitary state, and higher chambers of parliaments are not suitable for Ukraine. At the same time, the Autonomous Republic Crimea is a part of Ukraine, and, in this context, V. Shybko noted, he has nothing against extending authorities of local communities and autonomous formations.