National Institute of Strategic Studies (NISS) under the Presidential administration unveiled last week draft strategic documents including the revised Strategy of National Security and the Military Doctrine of Ukraine, according to KyivWeekly.

NISS Director Andriy Yermolayev, who presented the president’s new doctrine, said the principles of the training of the military in Ukraine that take into account the experience of modern-day military conflicts, and are based on the nation’s defense policy and experience of European countries are slated to undergo a thorough review.

“The revision will allow for curtailing the volumes of mobilization reserves and the tasks of military-industrial complex. This will allow for a serious part of budgets allocated for mobilization preparations to be channeled to financing the military reform,” Yermolayev said as quoted by Kyiw Weekly.

The economic component of the unveiled documents formulate national policy of preparing the country for emergency situations and beefing up  its mobilization reserves, in particular the energy reserves.