Expert economists say that a second wave of the global financial crisis is caused by the desire of central banks and governments of the majority of countries to put economic problems on the backburner, according to KyivWeekly. Pessimists are forecasting the collapse of the euro zone and that its weakest members will pull out of the EU, the refuse to use the U.S. dollar as the only reserve currency and gradual transition to the euro, pounds etc..

Governments in developed countries may be forced to cut social expenditures, which will inevitably result in the dwindling cost of labor and 1.5-3-fold drop in consumption. The so-called “global greening” may become one of the next stages in the development of the human race, including the accelerated introduction of environment-friendly technologies, waste recycling and the efficient use of energy.

“Saving resources and getting green are in most cases practiced nowadays even in consumer societies. The only difference is that the accent has shifted but a new product is launched on the market based on the same economic principles of supply and demand. Finding a substitution for such a phenomenon means reinventing the wheel and establishing new rules of the game for consumers,” Kolpakov of Da Vinci AG Andriy said in an interview to Komentari weekly.