Judge Rodion Kireyev has rejected Yulia Tymoshenko’s request to admit to the case lawyers Serhiy Vlasenko, Mark Feldman (BDO) and Roger Enock (Covington and Burton), according the official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"The court on the basis of articles 44, 60 and 274 of the Criminal Procedure Code rejects the motion to admit defense counsel," the judge said, making his ruling on the spot.

Yulia Tymoshenko responded by calling such actions by the presiding judge "worse than the fascists, worse than the Gestapo."

The judge then announced the continuation of witness examination, at which point Yulia Tymoshenko reminded him that he still hasn’t considered another motion that she registered with the court office. "You still have motions that you are required to consider, one that was given to investigator Nechvohlod," she said.

Judge Kireyev responded by accusing Yulia Tymoshenko of allegedly "interfering in the determining of the truth in the case" and said that all petitions had been considered.

The first witness is now being questioned – former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Tetyana Kornyakova.