President Victor Yushchenko on Wednesday signed a decree to ensure that early parliamentary elections in Ukraine are fair and transparent, according to the President`s press-office.

Yushchenko instructed the cabinet of ministers, the Crimean government and local officials to make sure that the September 30 snap poll is free, use no administrative pressure during the campaign and create favorable and equal conditions for both local election commissions  and voters, particularly those with disabilities and poor eyesight. 

The Finance Ministry, the Control and Revision Department, the National Bank of Ukraine and the Central Election Commission should finance the elections “properly and transparently” and make sure the country’s political parties spend their funds legally. Yushchenko asked the Foreign Ministry to ensure that foreign observers and international organizations can monitor the September 30 election freely. All these institutions and ministries should also guarantee the safety of the voters and ensure that the election and ballot counting are held securely.

Yushchenko insisted that the media should enjoy equal rights, urging journalists to be impartial and accurate. He also suggested launching an information campaign to help the people appreciate and better understand their electoral rights.