19 August 2017
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Lutsenko to support Yushchenko on presidential election in 2009

Tymoshenko may not bid for the post of President

Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense leader Yuriy Lutsenko will support incumbent Head of State Victor Yushchenko on the presidential election in 2009.

He said this on air of the 5 TV Kanal.

Yu. Lutsenko expressed doubt that there will be problems between V. Yushchenko and Yu. Tymoshenko because of their desire to be a candidate for presidential post.

According to his words, “ today Yushchenko and Tymoshenko relations allow to find a consensus in different posts”. “But if this problem appears, I will support the candidacy V.Yushchenko for the post”, Yu. Lutsenko said.

He explained that V. Yushchenko, “in spite of frugality and all existed mistakes, has more victories and strategic views on a united victorious Ukraine than other candidates do”.

“We have learned the lessons of separation and mutual struggle. I do not want even to think that somebody will put one’s own ambitions over the ambitions of the European development of Ukraine”, Y. Lutsenko.

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