Ukraine’s democratic bloc should become a party to uphold President Victor Yushchenko’s values and principles, his chief of staff, Viktor Baloha, said on Monday, according to the President`s press-office.

 “The members of the megabloc should follow the presidential course aimed at building a powerful and democratic state which will become a full member of the European community. This is a necessary cementing element of our common strategy and tactics.

This approach should be used when transforming the bloc into a party,” he said.

Baloha insisted the bloc must work hard to win early parliamentary elections. “We must make sure our [election] results will enable the democratic forces to create a parliamentary majority and form a government. I believe this goal is achievable. However, the bloc should act in unison and use all its resources to achieve it. It is important to remember that disagreements will only weaken our efforts.”

Baloha called on the members of the bloc to obey resolutions passed by its majority and said those defying such decisions would have to “leave” the bloc.

He said each member party should confirm its readiness to integrate into a party and urged them to hold conventions to decide their fate before September 30 to “avoid misunderstandings and speculation.” “It is important to realize that the time of small parties has passed and that only big players can act affectively in the political arena.”