Earnings of working Ukrainians make up only 54% of the household’s aggregate resources, a research of the standard of living of different social categories of the Ukrainian population in 2010 conducted by the State Statistics Committee found according to KyivWeekly.

Every fourth family in Ukraine lives in the state of poverty regardless of whether their members are employed or not. More than half of the family incomes are spent on food and the share of fatty foods is on the rise. Expenses on alcohol and cigarettes have not dropped despite the multiple hikes in their prices. Meanwhile, salaries ensure only half of family budgets, the Stats report reads.

According to the report, the share of the population earning average incomes lower than the annual subsistence level in 2010 increased by 6% compared to 2009 to 22% and this is on the backdrop that 40% of Ukrainians whose incomes are below the subsistence level have jobs.

The research factors in the findings of a survey by the Ptukha Institute of Demographics and Social Research under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, according to which last year nearly 10,7 mn people or 3.5 households (24.1%) were living in poverty.