The new ultra-modern center with hybrid operation facilities, that is planned to be built in the Amosov National Institute of Cardio-pulmonary Surgery will allow for increasing the number of heart surgery operations to seven thousand a year, Acad. of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine MD Hennadiy Knyshov told KW, according to KyivWeekly.

The state-of-the-art diagnostic and operation equipment will be purchased thanks the funds allocated by the state, Knyshov said. He believes the center will be ready to receive first patients by the end of next year.

There are only a few facilities of such level in the world. Currently, Amosov Institute performs five thousand different operations a year while centers in Ukraine perform around 7,000 operations. This makes 12,000 a year out of the 35,000 operations needed, Knyshov said.