Global currency wars improved the trust of Ukrainians in real estate currently under construction as the domestic real estate market recently showed unprecedented dynamism, according to KyivWeekly. Experts in this sector say indicators in August and September of transactions on the market were comparable to those in the pre-crisis years, KW wrote this week.

While earlier the demand for real estate was simply postponed, today the real estate market is regaining its status of a means of savings and accumulation of funds. “Our citizens do not have that much money for investments, but lately a number of buyers that invest in real estate with the aim of keeping their savings and even a speculative demand has appeared, a trend that has not been observed since the first day the economic crisis hit,” Director of Marketing and Advertising of the residential complexes Parkove Misto and Comfort Town Oleksandr Nemtyrev told KW.

“I believe it is typical for all successful projects that the investment attractiveness of new real estate has improved substantially over the past two years. In the beginning of 2010, only 15% of clients purchased real estate with the objective of investing, while in 2011 this figure has shot up to 33% according to the results of a survey we conducted in May),” says Director of Marketing and Sales at the Novopecherski Lypky residential complex Olesya Romanenko.