Earlier this week in Tokyo Ukrainian lawyer and collector of netsuke Boris FILATOV had an audience with Her Imperial Highness, Princess of Japan TAKAMADO.

As a part of the audience B. FILATOV told the Princess about the development of Ukrainian-Japanese relations, conducting research on the history of netsuke, promotion of netsuke culture in Ukraine, as well as work of the chapter of the International Society of netsuke collectors in the CIS countries, headed by him.

B. FILATOV presented Princess a Russian-English magazine "Netsuke.CIS" published by the chapter of the International Society of netsuke collectors in the CIS. This magazine is a joint work of a number of art historians of Japanese and collectors from different countries of the CIS.

The Princess thanked the Ukrainian guests for interest in history, culture, art and ethnography of Japan, the themes are inextricably linked with the art of netsuke. She took as a souvenir gift works of Petrikov masters being the hallmark of Ukraine.

"The princess has done me great honor. This meeting was agreed a years and a half ago, before the terrible tragedy of the Japanese people, which took place in March. For any Japanese imperial family - it's not just a symbol of the nation. These are the people who are covered by the sacred aura, a pledge that the Great Empire of the Rising Sun will exist forever ... For me as a person passionate about Japanese art, this meeting was very important from the worldview point of view ", - told Boris Filatov about the meeting.


B. FILATOV leads a chapter of the International Society of netsuke collectors in the CIS countries, has an extensive collection of netsuke, which provides the miniature sculptures of various Japanese artists of XVII-XIX centuries.

The Japanese Imperial Family is the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world. Penealogy of the family dates back to the sixth century BC. Today the Emperor no longer performs the functions of government, and is a symbol of the Japanese state. The Emperor of Japan approves the appointment of the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. With the advice and approval of the Cabinet of Ministers the Emperor declares on behalf of the people the laws, shall convene a session of Parliament, awards and others.

Princess TAKAMADO - the widow of a cousin of the current Emperor Akihito, is a member of the Japanese imperial family. Princess Takamado is the honorary patron of many organizations and activities related to sports, art, nature conservation and the development of bilateral ties.