“Our priority is to cancel deputy immunity”, the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense bloc leader Yuri Lutsenko said during a rally in Kremenets, according to the Our Ukraine’s web site. “We should also create the National anti-corruption bureau. Being the Interior Minister, I opened about 2000 criminal cases at the total amount of damage up to 20 billion UAH. At the moment all of them are “closed” at the PGO”.

Mr. Lutsenko said that the next task was to re-attest judges. “If you are a judge and serve the state, tell us where is your property from. If you can’t tell us, other state bodies will ask you”. He has expressed his conviction that people had to re-elect judges.

“It is necessary to reduce the number of officials”, he added.

“The average salary is to be 2100 UAH. The minimum salary should be up to 600 UAH. Pensions will be raised by 35%”, he noted.