21 September 2017
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Azarov to students: “You can not pay the fare, go on foot!”

Prime Minister of Ukraine...

Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov visited Dnipropetrovsk and met with students of Dnipropetrovsk National University, Kommentarii reports.

At the beginning of his speech he addressed the audience: “So, how do you study? Are there mediocre pupils and poor achievers?”. Representatives of audience answered that all those present study well. “It is great! Because I believe that if you do not study you just waste your studies time aimlessly”.

After that Mykola Azarov wondered what scholarship students have in DNU.

Those present answered that their scholarship makes up more that UAH 700. M. Azarov expressed satisfaction with such scholarship: “I believe that the scholarship that makes up a quarter of the average salary in Ukraine should be enough for nourishing and minimal clothes”. Some representatives of the audience noted that a fare makes up UAH 12 per day.

“Why not go on foot? – parried the Prime Minister. Students time – it is time of trials”.

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