The Our Ukraine-People’s Self Defence Bloc has already collected more than 115 thousand signatures for canceling the deputies` immunity.

This is said in the statement of the action coordinator Taras Stetskiv, which is posted at the web site of the united democratic forces.

T. Stetskiv notes that the first stage of the general national campaigning on collecting signatures for canceling deputies` immunity is nearing completion. According to his words, for less than a week, the Our Ukraine-People’s Self Defence Bloc has collected more than 115 thousand signatures of Ukrainian citizens. Agitation tents were pitched in every Oblast of the country. The beginning of the action proved that citizens of Ukraine actively support the idea of cancelinf lawmakers` immunity, T. Stetskiv believes.

According to his words, “citizens want that power in Ukraine be responsible to people.

The wide support of action indicates that people do not want to put up with the irresponsible power, which rules our country today. Only the politicians` responsibility for their actions will make them work for the interests of people”.

The Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence Bloc believes that canceling deputies` immunity will become the first step on the way of overcoming the corruption in power and introducing an order in the country.

T. Stetskiv calls upon all not indifferent people to actively join the campaign on collecting signatures, carried out by the Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Our Ukraine –People’s Self Defence bloc launched the All-Ukrainian action on canceling deputies` immunity on July 24.