President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will not take part in the tomorrow session of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, because he thinks that he has enough daily contacts with the government.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, first deputy Chief of Staff Oleksandr Shlapak said this to a news conference today.

      “The President decided not to attend the session of the government tomorrow. The decision has just been made – I was informed about it an hour ago”, said O. Shlapak.

      He also underlined that V. Yushchenko sent several letters to the government and the Prime Minister, informing them about problems of the government and his vision of their solving.

      “So, the President thinks that everything that he wanted to say to the government he has already said and he expects to be heard”, noted A. Shlapak.

      As UNIAN reported earlier, on 30 July the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Anatoliy Tolstouhov said that at a broadened session of the Cabinet of Ministers, scheduled for Wednesday, the President was due to take part in it.